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No.Part noEquivalent part noStock statusEnquiry
1EFN-3 7/0.20 TA
4FTP 1/2
5RS 0.6x8.0MM WHT
6RSF 80/0.08 AC AWG22
7RS-GE 1.25SQ 50/0.18 TA BLK
8RS-GE 1.25SQ 50/0.18 TA WHT
9RSM 1.5x8.0MM CLR
10RSU-1 0.5x3.0MM WHT
11RSU-1 0.5x3.5MM WHT
12RSU-1 0.6x5.0MM WHT
13RSU-1 0.6x8.0MM WHT
14RSU-1 0.6x9.0MM WHT
15RSU-EV 35MM2
16SSG-2 0.8MM WHT
17SSG-2 1.2MM WHT
18SSG-2 4.0MM BLU
19SSG-2 4.0MM ORG
20SSG-2 4.0MM RED
21SSG-2 4.0MM WHT
22SSG-2 4.0MM YLW
23SSG-2 5.0MM WHT
24SSG-2 6.0MM RED
25SSG-2 6.0MM WHT
26STU-1 0.4x1.0MM BLU
27STU-1 0.4x1.0MM RED
28STU-1 0.4x1.0MM WHT
29UL1332 AWG16 19/0.32 NA
30UL1332 AWG24 7/0.203 NA
31UL1332 AWG26 7/0.16 NA
32UL1332 AWG28 7/0.127 NA
33UL3122 & SEWF-1 AWG16 7/0.50 TA BLK
34UL3122 & SEWF-1 AWG16 7/0.50 TA BLU
35UL3122 & SEWF-1 AWG16 7/0.50 TA BRO
36UL3122 & SEWF-1 AWG16 7/0.50 TA WHT
37UL3135 AWG14 41/0.26 NA
38UL3172 AWG18 16/0.26 NA
39UL3239F AWG22 7/0.26 BLK
40UL3239F AWG22 7/0.26 RED
41UL3239F AWG22 7/0.26 WHT